There's so many features packed into faManager, even we don't know where to begin! But here's some highlights on how faManager can help manage your fixed assets on a day to day basis


faManager does all the calculations and prepares a journal entry report for you upon request whenever you dispose of an asset or want to enter periodic depreciation. There’s no need to leave the accounting entries for disposals or monthly depreciation up to your accountants at year-end. Simply click the button to initiate the journal entry and enter the entry into your accounting records.


Your accounting records show the net book value of your assets, but these values may differ significantly from their fair market values. faManager gives you the option to enter your best estimate of fair market values for your assets and produce a report to compare these values against net book values for any date you choose. A calculation of perceived equity is calculated and reported for each asset for which you’ve entered a market value. While these calculations don’t affect your accounting records, this report could prove highly valuable for financial lenders and/or investors who want to assess the equity your business has in its assets.


Use faManager to set up capital budgeting for future periods! faManager’s unique user-definability allows organizations to plan for future asset additions or replacements. Details of future-budgeted assets can be reported in detail from faManager or exported in csv format to be manipulated or reported outside of faManager. Plan for as many years into the future as you like!

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Any data you send to faManager is encrypted to prevent snooping of your data. Only you (and whoever you share your data with) can gain access to the data within faManager. As an extra layer of security you can enable 2 factor authentication on your account to make your data extra safe.

User Definable Fields

Let's face it, the worst part of any software is not being able to customize it to your specific needs. That's why we give you the ability to use up to 5 different user definable fields! Keep track of whatever you fancy with your fixed assets such as license plate numbers, MAC addresses, or even replacement years. Of course, all of your user defined fields are still utilized in faManager's blazing fast search capabilities. If you can type it, you can search it.


Many business owners/companies either don’t bother recording depreciation during the year or simply estimate depreciation simply because it would be too onerous or take too much time to do the necessary calculations. Not so with faManager. Enter additions, disposals, transfers etc, in seconds, and then run your monthly depreciation entries in a few short keystrokes. Make the entries monthly for more accurate financial reporting instead of the task of waiting until year-end and having to figure it all out then!


When you’re managing a large fixed asset base, whether it’s equipment and systems, rolling stock or bricks and mortar, you need to know where the stuff is right?

faManager takes locations seriously. Users can set up their own list of locations which can then be selected from a drop-down every time an asset is set up. And if an asset is moved from one location to another? No problem. Simply edit the asset, access the drop down, and chose the new location of the asset. Simple.


If there were a single biggest claim to fame of faManager (aside from its dead-on accuracy), it’s a phenomenal ability to help you find assets in your database. You can search by serial numbers, parts of serial numbers, parts of descriptions…search on almost any aspect of an asset, and find it in your records, quickly. This is a key area where many other software packages fail, and where faManager absolutely shines. This is what makes faManager very attractive for small companies and multi-national companies alike!


faManager was born on the idea of tracking serialized inventory. The recording of serial numbers or Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) is a specialty of faManager. With the powerful search capabilities of faManager, you can search assets by any part of a serial number or VIN and find what you’re looking for. By recording specific serial numbers or VINs, you can rest assured you’re disposing of the right asset.


There is no limit on the number of users that can access your faManager database. Users can be have administrative access (accounting staff, management) or view only access (purchasers, mid-level managers, external users). Security of your database can be what you make it, and usability is not limited to the person who has the software on their computer.


Our quick-glance dashboard will show you everything you need to see from the 30,000 foot view about your assets. How many active assets do you have? How many assets in each category? What is the highest or lowest cost asset you have? Simple information really, but a quick glance occasionally at the dashboard will keep you right on top of your business’s key investments.

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